Project Management

  • Project Supervisor is Ms Eleni Terzidou (tel: 2131300247, E-mail:
  • Project Supervisor in ELKE PTH Ms Ivi Armira (tel: 2421006442, E-mail:
  • It is compulsory to maintain a separate accounting portion or adequate accounting coding for the expenditure and grants of the research project in accordance with the ELP. For example, the last-tier accounts should be kept, where expenditure by category and subsidies will be shown in detail.
  • In the case of entities that keep books (formerly B ‘ Class), the grant (revenue) and the costs should be monitored in particular columns of the income and expenditure ledger and appear separately from the rest of the activity, in the analytical Income Tax Registration data.
  • Each beneficiary is obliged to keep an account with a qualified credit institution operating legally in Greece (bank account of the project). Through the transactions of this account, all the costs of the project are paid, for which the use of a bank payment instrument is required under the relevant institutional and regulatory framework. The project account should be credited with the amounts of the public funding instalments.
  • Where the beneficiary is a private sector company undertaking, it is possible to exploit more than one of the beneficiary’s accounts, in the same or in different credit institutions.