Main objectives

  1. The replacement of imported protein feed concentrated with domestic production of lrguminous crops in order to reduce production costs for livestock farms.
  2. The replacement of the maize silage which is a cultivation of high requirements with other silage crops of lower needs but equivalent nutritional value.
  3. Design of cultivation protocol focusing on producing appropriate amounts of leguminous crops that will be used in the ration of the dairy cows, with main ingredients Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.), the livestock pea (Pisum sativum subsp. arvense L.) and the white Lupino (Lupinus albus).
  4. Investigation of the adaptability of new production varieties of the multiannual Switchgrass plant.
  5. Quantification of environmental and economic benefits resulting from the cultivation of reduced inputs.
  6. Investigation of the energy balance of the proposed crop system, with the aim of reducing the environmental footprint.
  7. Evaluation of the economic efficiency of both plant and animal production, so that there is full documentation of the viability of the alternative breeding proposal.

Recording an integrated consumer feed profile from livestock farmers in order to redefine the marketing strategy of the cooperative in the field of animal feed.